Tessellations on surfaces from complex analytic functions A brief view of mapping class groups; from finite to infinite type
Jesús Muciño Raymundo Jesús Hernández-Hernández
UNAM-Morelia (México) UNAM-Morelia (México)
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Asymptotic mapping class groups of Cantor manifolds and their finiteness properties  Counting problems on the modular surface
Javier Aramayona Ara Basmajian
ICMAT (España) City University of New York (USA)
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Nielsen realization for some big mapping class groups  Dibujos de Niños Circulares 
Yan Mary He Rubén A. Hidalgo
University of Toronto (Canada) Universidad de La Frontera (Chile)
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 Surfaces of Orthonormal Frame Bundle with Wagner Lift Metric Generalized quasi-dihedral group acting on pseudo-real Riemann surfaces
Mikhail Malakhaltesev Yerika Marín Montilla
Universidad de los Andes (Colombia) Universidad de La Frontera (Chile)
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The large scale geometry of big mapping class groups Using computation to study automorphism groups of Riemann surfaces
 Israel Morales Jen Paulhus 
 UNAM-Oaxaca (México)  Grinnell College (USA)
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Dessins d'enfants and some holomorphic structures on the Loch Ness monster Realization of Veech groups for infinite translation surfaces
Saúl Quispe Anja Randecker
Universidad de La Frontera (Chile) Heidelberg University (Alemania)
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Lyapunov exponents and stiffness for geodesic flow  
Sergio A. Romaña Ibarra  
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Brasil)